Explore Omaha, Nebraska in Style with Ollie the Trolley

Are you looking for a unique way to explore Omaha, Nebraska? Look no further than the city's eight trams, affectionately known as Ollie, Polly, LuLu, Guacamollie, Porkchop, Buttercup and Trolley Brown. These trolleys range in size from 32 to 47 passengers and offer a variety of excursions, from weddings to the Bloody Mary tour. George Davis and Deb Skinner, owners of Ollie the Trolley in Omaha, have a true passion for their business and each other. All the carts are a little different and have a unique name for each: Ollie, Polly, LuLu, Guacamollie, Pumpkin, Porkchop, Buttercup and Trolley Brown.

The Bloody Mary tour begins at the Report In pub, winner of the Best of Omaha's Best Bloody Mary award. This tour is perfect for those looking to explore the city in a unique way while enjoying some of the best drinks in town. If you're looking for something more romantic or special, Ollie the Trolley also offers wedding packages. Whether you're looking for a small intimate gathering or a large celebration with all your friends and family, Ollie the Trolley can make your special day even more memorable.

No matter what type of excursion you're looking for in Omaha, Ollie the Trolley has something for everyone. From sightseeing tours to weddings and everything in between, Ollie the Trolley is sure to make your experience one to remember.