Exploring Omaha Nebraska on Ollie the Trolley

Omaha, Nebraska is home to eight trams, affectionately known as Ollie, Polly, LuLu, Guacamollie, Porkchop, Buttercup and Trolley Brown. These trams range in size from 32 to 47 passengers and offer a unique experience for visitors. The Tuesday tours with tacos and tequila highlight South Omaha and feature a tour guide with mariachi experience who teaches participants some new songs during the trip. The company was founded by Margaret Dunn in the mid-1980s as a single streetcar.

Under the direction of a series of owners, Ollie the Trolley has grown over the years to become several trams that look like traditional streetcars. These trams are equipped with nostalgic details such as wooden benches, but they do not run on tracks or use a pole to extract energy from an overhead cable. Not only is riding Ollie the Trolley fun, but it also provides a nostalgic atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else. Visitors can enjoy the unique experience of traveling on an outdoor streetcar equipped with wooden benches. So, how many passengers can ride Ollie the Trolley in Omaha Nebraska? The answer is 47.

This means that up to 47 people can ride Ollie the Trolley at one time. Riding Ollie the Trolley is a great way to explore Omaha and learn about its history and culture. With its unique atmosphere and nostalgic details, it's no wonder why so many people choose to ride Ollie the Trolley when visiting Omaha.